Asia’s Summer Vacation Destinations

If you are planning a summer vacation in the Asia with friends or family and are considering summer travel destinations in Asia, you’re in the right track. Asia, while you probably already know has a rich culture and it is known worldwide for having probably the most breathtaking sites on earth.

Summer Vacation Destinations in Asia


The Maldives, or Maldive Islands, may be the smallest Asian country when it comes to both area and population.The tiniest one in terms area but absolutely among the greatest and the most fantastic places on earth.Incidentally, it’s also the lowest country on the planet; the highest natural point is just 2.3 meters.It’s absolutely an incredible place with its cobalt blue lagoons, amazingly white and clean sand, beach, exotic nature, palms, crystal water.The Maldives is really a paradise for divers, honeymooners, sun lovers, adventurers etc.

Summer Vacation Destinations

Summer Vacation Destinations

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, an Indonesian Island, is the most popular tourist destination in the united states.With its 5,632 km² land area, the area of Bali is located 3.2 km (2 mi) east of Java.It’s no attraction spot only with its excellent beaches, fantastic nature.Bali is definitely an attraction point also for its sophisticated or complicated art and craft forms (for example painting, sculpture), captivating dance performances, rice terraces, temples, background and many more.You could always see Bali Island in top wonders of the world lists, mostly in top ten.

Thailand and Phuket Island

Phuket Province, the biggest island of Thailand, is amongst the favorite places on earth.Bali is attached to the mainland by a bridge.The character is absolutely dreamlike.You might even seem like you’ve seen such places inside your dream before.Phuket is also referred to as home of some finest beaches on the planet.Some of the hotels in Phuket happen to be regularly rated in top ten hotels on earth and it is surely an ornament for Thailand.It’s absolutely a “must see” spot for sun seekers, adventurers, divers, beach lovers, surfers… Besides Phuket, there are many more worl-famous tourist destinations in Thailand for example Bangkok and Pattaya.


Dubai, is now one of the most popular tourist destiations may be the world and its increasing quality and attractions points is causeing this to be city a unique spot on earth.Dubai is really a miniature world on desert; awaken in the morning and have a great Arabian way breakfast, go to white sandy beach and obtain in the crystal waters of Dubai.Wanna skii within the afternoon ? Alright, get in one of the largest indoor skiing places on the planet and have the taste of skiing in city on desert.Go deep in desert and enroll in a world-famous Arabian night.Attractions and activities are endless.It’s the land of numerous world records; the tallest building on the planet, Burj Dubai; The tallest hotel on the planet, Burj Al Arab.Safari on desert for adventurers, nicest yachting experience because of its lovers, winter sports for the fans, nicest theme parks, finest beaches, waters, sun… You’ll possess the entire world and season inside a city and at the same time.

Hong Kong

If you value to shop and eat, then Hong Kong is essential visit in 2013. Known around the world as the shopping and dinning capital of the world, Hong Kong will certainly keep your taste buds satisfied and provide you with the pleasure of seeing and purchasing some of the best tangible items on earth.

Kerala, India

Summer Vacation Destinations in Asia

Destinations in Asia

Ever visited a location where riding around on elephants is recognized as normal?
If you haven’t, that’s exactly what you’ll discover at Kerala, India. You never know, by the time you leave, you may even get in the courage to ride one yourself. Besides the elephant rides, the beaches have several the most beautiful, golden brown-looking sand on the planet. And if you like to eat, the meals here is just amazing. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are really a treat.

The best beaches come in Southeast part of Asia. The Kuta Beach in Indonesia may be the vigorous area with largest quantity of tourists. Kuta Beach is called the most amazing beach in Bali. Although not suitable for boating or swimming because of its strong winds and heavy seas, it’s a good place to surf and contains attracted many young people who choose pursuing excitement. The Boracay within the Philippines is not as well known as other beaches however it attracted many foreign tourists due to the white beach. The sand is brighter and incredibly fine than other beaches.

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