Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The third largest city in Saudi Arabia, Dammam city is the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, full of historical and cultural facts. There are several Dammam sights, tourist attractions, best places to visit and things to do & see like beautiful museums. Dammam at Saudi Arabia offers various sightseeing opportunities to its visitors. One can check out the Coastal Sports Center or the King Fahd Park. The Sports Center shows the passion amongst the Arab youths for sports while the Park displays the type of vegetation that the city has. Check out the compiled list of popular tourist attractions and famous places of Dammam in Saudi Arabia:

Tourist Attractions and Famous Places of Dammam

Kings Fountain – An Attraction to Visit Most

The Kings Fountain is a top sight to see while in Dammam. The fountain is over 800 feet tall and is the tallest fountain in the world. The fountain is best seen at night when the lights are shining against the fountain. Make sure to have your camara ready because you will want to capture this sight.

King fountain in dammam saudi arabia

King Fahd fountain

Waterfront in the city of Khobar

Waterfront Corniche Dammam is a real outlet for thousands of trekkers from the region’s population were or visitors from cities and neighboring countries for being tourist landmark landmarks eastern region, which is landscaping facade of 4 kilometers, and covers a land waterfront landscaping and palm trees, shrubs and flowers as well as umbrellas and chairs distributed throughout the waterfront.

Makkah Gate – Famous Place

Makkah Gate is an area that is busy twenty four hours a day. Makkah Gate is also a historic area that is worth the visit. The area is home to several mosques and other historic monuments.

Scitech Center In Khobar

El Cobar (Al Khobar, Khobar) city is included in the agglomeration, which also combines Dammam and Dharan. The city has grown from a tiny fishing village due to the discovery of oil. However, today Al Khobar is an internationally famous and a beautiful resort, which offers high quality service and comfort, which is often much better than the European one.

National Museum – Center of Tourist attraction

The National Museum gives focus to the history of Islam. The museum has over ten different galleries, several courtyards and there is a section of the house that holds several items owned by the founding King of Saudi Arabia. This museum is very extensive so plan on spending at least half the day if not more here.

Coral Island Dammam – Best place to visit

Where fun family gatherings and privacy, the first tourist island industrial Kingdom and away from the Corniche distance of 1800 meters was established by Saudi Aramco adorned field towering name (Lighthouse), where the visitor can climb to the above and watch whatever the eye can see of the city’s landmarks, and has become a place to relax and amateurs fishing fish.

Al Manarah

Al Manarah is a great restaurant that should be on your list of sights to see. Not only does this restaurant have fabulous food but the building itself is worth the visit. Don’t be afraid to try out some of the traditional dishes while at Al Manarah.

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