The Beautiful & Famous Places of Dammam,Saudi Arabia

Dammam is the capital of Easter province of Soudi arabia and is famous for its various manmade destinations Enjoy and make your vacations more comfortable and enriching.

Dammam is the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the most oil-rich region in the world. The judicial and administrative bodies of the province and several gov departments are located in the city. Dammam is the largest city in the Eastern Province and third largest in Saudi Arabia, after Riyadh and Jeddah. It’s an important commercial hub and port.

Tourist Spots of Dammam

The Saudi Arabian city is renowned for some of the most important petroleum refining centers in the world. It’s the largest city in the EasternProvince and a very important Seaport of Saudi Arabia. Dammam in Saudi Arabia stretches into the other two important cities of Al-Khobar and Dhahran.

One of the most popular tourist attractions of the town of Dammam, is the Dammam Corniche.A panoramic look at natural beauty, Dammam Corniche forms part of the gigantic seaside project stretching from Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. Interspersed along the Corniche are massive, modern art installations, which reflect the creativity of the makers and the nation’s love of art. The Corniche is really a local destination for families and friends for free time, especially in the evenings after work to savor.

Major Attractions of Dammam

When you visit Dammam, you wouldn’t wish to miss the city’s beautiful historical landmarks and attractions. Places you can travel to and explore are King Fahd Park, Half Moon Beach, the Coastal Sports Center, Alkhleej Makarim Village, Corniche Dammam, Coral Island, Heritage Centre Dammam and King Abdul Aziz Seaport.

The HeritageVillage:

This heritage building is the jewel of EasternProvince a direct result 15 years of travelling and adoration for Saudi Arabian antiques and architecture of a person called Mr Saad AlBalahi. The 5 storey fortress like building houses many ancient weapons, apparatus, old photo graphs, jewelries and many more things that you rarely see. Not just that, you get to dine inside this beautiful place. And to increase the ambience, you can choose to dine in the main hall, in the middle of the pond or any one of the Arabian rooms which were decorated with various decorations and design of different Saudi Arabian region.

Sports Centre or the KingFahdPark:

Dammam at Saudi Arabia provides several sightseeing opportunities to its visitors. One can take a look at the Coastal Sports Centre or the KingFahdPark. The Sports Centre shows the passion amongst the Arab youths for sports while the Park displays the kind of vegetation that the city has.

Half Moon beach:

Another place at Dammam, the industry perfect retreat for visitors, is the Half Moon beach. Shaped like a half moon, the placid great thing about sea water and the sandy coast of the beach is a perfect venue to rejuvenate from the busy and noisy cities.

Alkhleej Makarim:

The most significant of all tourist destinations at Dammam of Saudi Arabia is the AlkhleejMakarimVillage on the Half Moon Beach. This really is one of the very famous luxurious resorts in the whole Middle East region.

Dammam Travel Guide

Muslims and non Muslims are encouraged to visit this glorious capital of scotland – the eastern province. Woman to decorate modestly and do not bring drugs to Saudi Arabia because it is strictly banned.

Getting In and Around:

You will get to Dammam by air or by land. You are able to choose to use the bus, the train as well as drive your car to Dammam from the of the neighboring Gulf States. Dammam is with the King Fahd International Airport. Several international airline carriers operate regular flights to Dammam. The airport is situated 50 km from the city center. The Dammam railway station, on the contrary, offers trains that connect Dammam to Hufuf, Riyadh and Abqiaq. The SAPTCO bus station offers regular transportation services to and from Bahrain and other points of the country. For those who have your own or rented vehicle, you are able to take the GCC road and the kingdom’s modern highway network to achieve Dammam.


There are several good choices available with regards to accommodation and there are accommodations that fit every budget. A number of the most popular hotels are Dammam Palace Hotel, Sheraton Dammam Hotel and Towers, Ramada Dammam Hotel and Suites, Golden Tulip Al Hamra and Tulip Inn – Dammam. Many of these hotels offer comfortable rooms, great facilities and are located.

Best Time to Visit:

Travelers can click on Dammam October to June every year and can enjoy this fantastic city.


  1. Angel Ria

    my brother has visited dammam….and shared me the tour experience. Al Dammam is located east of Riyadh, overlooking the gorgeous Persian Gulf, and it is on my small list of interesting places to go to in Saudi Arabia because of the corniche that is a lovely paved road across the coastline where you can take a pleasant stroll while marveling in the sea.If you’re planning to enjoy water activities, Al Dammam can also be one of the best vacation spots in Saudi Arabia with this because of places such as Half Moon Bay.

  2. Abdul Aziz museum is so beautiful attraction in saudi arabia. King Abdul Aziz Military Museum is definitely an impressive tribute to the progress and growth and development of the official military forces of Saudi Arabia.
    The institution is made in association with the Ministry of Defence and Aviation and procedures an exquisite compilation of military artefacts, weapons and machinery, along with an exhibit of the alteration in uniform designs through the years. Access is restricted to military affiliates only.

  3. Its amazing and beautiful view,.It offered relaxation, greenery and a serenity not found in desert cities or towns. Lots of families camped by the beach. People were either walking or talking. A warm togetherness brought about by the beach place. The Corniche in Al Khobar is really long and as another traveller already pointed out the best way to enjoy is by walking (running or jogging is ok for men but i think for women it would be peculiar.
    So you have a great view of the Gulf, there are parks, it is very family friendly, you can have an outside barbecue if you wish (and of course have all the necessary equipment!) there is kite flying, and if you have kids at the appropriate age there are several playgrounds with sophisticated structures and many of them are sun protected. And of course there are places along the Corniche where you can eat or have a coffee or a snack.

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