Best Places in Asia to Visit during August Month

Traveling the cheap places, Asia in august, the rainy season is as enjoyable as any other time to tropical destinations as Beijing (china) and Hong Kong, phuket (Thailand), cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Borneo.

Asia is usually the king of cheap destinations with great weather for most of the year, but August is still in the middle of the rainy season for most of the tropical cities, as well as for Beijing and Hong Kong. Traveling through Asia in august is as enjoyable as any other time, however, the monsoon is peaking in some Southeast Asian countries; typhoons sometimes move in to threaten East Asia and produce rain throughout the region. From mega-metropolises to remote islands, Asia’s top travel spots offer adventure and history side-by-side. However, it can be challenging to cope with the high airfare costs and difficult time changes that accompany a trip to these destinations. That’s why it’s best to know exactly where to go in Asia if you do decide to take the journey. By considering local prices, accessibility and the variety of things to do in each destination, U.S. News ranked the best places to visit in Asia. Check our listed favourite & best places to visit in asia during august month:

Phuket, Thailand

This southern province, Thailand’s largest, has been entertaining tourists for centuries, since it was one of the major trading routes between India and China. With palm-fringed beaches, gleaming temples, friendly hill tribes, intoxicating cities and delicious cuisine it is no wonder why Thailand has earned itself the nickname ‘The Land of Smiles’. Straddling the Chao Phraya River, Thailand’s bustling capital city of Bangkok is both chaotic and captivating, with ramshackle stilted houses and ancient temples juxtaposed with shimmering skyscrapers and scenes of modern day life. These days, it’s Thailand’s premier vacation spot. Phuket is fulfill with most beautiful beaches. There lots of best beaches in phuket to visit in family vacations. The center of the action is Patong Beach of phuket , full of watersports by day, and sizzling nightlife once the sun sets.


Best Places to Visit to Southeast Asia in August Month

Best Places to Visit to Southeast Asia in August Month

August should see an even mix of good weather and rainy days throughout Sabah including the beaches of Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu NP. The south and east of the state may be exceptionally dry, giving a great window of opportunity to visit enjoy jungle walking and trekking in Danum Valley, Tabin, and Kinabatangan River… It’s a similar story in Sarawak with dry weather expected throughout the month.

Sri Lanka

Called “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of its natural beauty, this island country contains tropical forests, diverse landscapes and lush wildlife. Sri Lankan beaches are justifiably famous, with shorelines dotted with charming beach houses and groves of fragrant bamboo, and plenty of places for quiet relaxation.

Saigon, Vietnam

More than any other city in Southeast Asia, I felt like Saigon was tailored to my personality. Sleek, modern, fashionable, culture-filled, with so many parks and delicious food! Throw in the cheap, high quality manicures and a huge array of beauty products and you’ve got a happy girl! Saigon has serious style. If nothing else, when you’re carefully crossing the street through the world’s most insane traffic, you want to look good!

Burma (Myanmar)

No change from July, although rainfall will start to lessen towards the end of the month. Despite this, wherever you travel in Burma you should expect heavy rains.Temperatures remain high (averaging highs of 27 – 30°C) and the beaches on the west and southern coast are now closed with road travel across much of the country difficult, in many cases impossible.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

In cambodia, this is best place to visit in asia in august. The favorite thing about Sihanoukville is that it isn’t pretentious at all. It’s small, low-key, and popular with Khmer tourists as well as Westerners. You can live like royalty on $20 a day with barbecues on the beach, cheap beach massages and pedicures, and adorable cheeky bracelet-selling kids.

Seoul, South Korea

Getting there Pyeongchang, in Gangwon province, is about 200 kilometres east of Seoul and can be reached by car or bus. See and do Pyeongchang County, set to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, is home to the 1708-metre Pyeongchang Mountain, the third largest in South Korea. The three main ski resorts are Yongpyong, Alpensia and Phoenix Park, which are open December to March. If you prefer hiking boots to ski boots, Seoraksan National Park is a year-round destination with walking trails, waterfalls, hot springs and temples.

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