Best Places to Visit in Asia During Rainy Season Days

Explore the popular holiday destinations and best places to visit in asia during monsoon season for those people who like to roam in rainy days enjoying romantic, relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

Traveling during the monsoon season or rainy days in Asia can be just as pleasant as the peak season. With a little luck and timing, you’ll still get to enjoy plenty of sunny days along with less crowds and lower prices.There are lot of the holiday destinations and best places to visit in asia during monsoon season for those people who like to roam in rainy days enjoying romantic and refreshing atmosphere. In many Asian countries, especially those in Southeast Asia, May-jun-july and September months are the transitional months. It falls between the dry and the rainy seasons, and tourists are not flocking in large masses. Many resorts offer special discounts to encourage visitors during this slower time. Other countries, such as Laos and Cambodia, enter the rainy season by the second half of May, so these places don’t make ideal destinations unless you don’t mind walking around with an umbrella all the time. There is no official definition to when the rainy season starts and ends, most accounts have it at July-October. You will enjoy the attraction of asian places. To experience the magic of the monsoons or rainy days season, take a trip to one of the Asian countries during the months of June to September. You can see the dry earth reviving and bursting with life under the life-giving showers. From eating hot snacks and drinking steaming tea in the rain, to splashing around in the puddles or sheltering under an awning and watching the rain, there are many new experiences that only monsoons can offer. Check out the list to discover the best places to visit in asia during the rainy days of monsoon season.

best holiday destinations to visit in asia

Rainy place to roam in asia

Reasons to Visit in Asia During the Rainy Day Season

The rainy season puts of some tourists meaning it equates with the low season. Rainy season means less tourists, fewer crowds and lower prices. The atmosphere at famous attractions is not ruined by being over run with tourists and it’s easier to just turn up and find accommodation and because there are less tourists there is plenty more opportunity for haggling for a bargain. Rain needn’t stop your sight seeing plans as it rarely rains non-stop. Most of the time you can almost set your watch by it as you’ll see a soaking downpour in the afternoon that lasts for less than an hour, and then, as quickly as the rain came, the sun is back out and it’s dry again in no time. It’s hot and humid in South East Asia and often a quick, refreshing downpour of warm rain is a welcome respite. The landscapes are beautifully lush and green. Waterfalls gush, flowers bloom and jungles are luscious. Rice fields come alive in a patchwork of colours from bright, emerald green to glowing yellows. It is also the best time to witness farmers working, harvesting and cultivating rice in the green fields and spectacular rice terraces.

Rainy Season Trip

The rains usually occur in the afternoon, which allows you to plan your day around them. Do sightseeing in the cool, dry of the morning and then when it is raining it is also a good time to rest, have a nap or do something indoors like visiting a museum or restaurant. Accept that you will get wet and come prepared with waterproofs. Invest in a waterproof cover for your backpack and make sure you take care of electronics, gadgets or anything that may get ruined in a sudden downpour. An umbrella is used by many locals in South East Asia as a shade from the sun and also protection against the rain.

Most Rainy Places to Visit in Asia


Best places to visit in south asia

A pleasant Walking in Asia Streets

Malaysia is a great tourist destination even during the monsoon. During the traditional monsoon months in Asia, the east coast has dry weather, so the lovely beaches there are still open. Swim, dive or go snorkelling at the heavenly Redang or Perhentian Islands. Sipadan is one of the best diving havens in the world and you can also catch turtles laying eggs in the beaches there (May-August). Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in East Sabah is one of the few places on earth where the endangered animal can still be seen. Go trekking, camping and explore the beauties of nature at Sarawak’s national parks.

Kerala and Mahabaleshwar in India

The lush vegetation bursts afresh with greenery under the magic touch of the monsoons. Rainfall is heavy here, but there are fantastic off-season discounts on hotels, tours and houseboat cruises at this time. Depending on the date of your visit, you can catch the renowned Onam festival and the Snake Boat Race. Monsoons are traditionally the best time to have the famed Ayurvedic spa treatments and massages of Kerala. If you love the rains, this is the best place to hear the beat of the raindrops and slip into the delightful heaven of doing nothing. It is generally advised to avoid Mahabaleshwar trip during monsoon but if you are an adventure freak and love getting wet in downpour then head to this hill station of Maharashtra. The place truly transforms itself into a paradise with the onset of rains. Cool climate, fresh breeze, refreshing forest outlook and tranquil atmosphere definitely make it one of the best places to visit in India during monsoon.


Best places to visit in asia

Phuket Elephant tour Rainy season – Thailand

It rains a lot in Singapore, and when it rains, it pours… often with thunder and lightning thrown in. When this happens there’s only one thing to do – head indoors and wait for the rain to stop. Luckily there are plenty of indoor activities to choose from while you’re waiting for the sun to re-appear. Located on the southern tip of Malaysia, the city-state of Singapore offers more than just a stopover en route to other exotic locales. But with a tropical rain forest climate and its location only one degree north from the Equator, there are plenty of days when the humid weather takes a turn for the worse and clouds roll in dropping rain on everyone. In fact, on average, Singapore has more than 170 days of rain each year, so the chances of encountering some of the wet stuff on a visit is definitely a possibility.


Indonesia is one of the best destinations to visit during monsoon as it has dry season at this time. Rainfall, if any, is light and intermittent. The weather is warm and lovely with temperatures ranging between 25° to 30°C.


Okinawa gets a lot of rain in May, but the rest of the country is drier until June. May is a great time to visit Japan because the average temperatures are in the high 60s to low 70s. The country is not full of tourists, so it’s easier to move around, book tickets and find cheaper accommodations. Tokyo is very spring-like in May and vegetation is lush all around the country.

Rainy season places in asia

Rainy season places in asia


Thailand is another great destination which need not be off-limits during the monsoons. In fact, the low tourist turnout can be a blessing with great discounts and less crowded tourist spots. If you can plan a trip around showers of rain, mostly afternoon downpours, you should be fine. If beaches and working up a gorgeous tan is the only thing on your mind, then the rains can be a problem. If not, read on.


Vietnam Like Thailand, this cheap Asian travel destination is also home to immaculate beaches that are unrivaled worldwide. Bai Dai, located in the island of Phu Quoc, is untouched by modern development. Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh is Asia’s budding metropolitan while other parts of the country demonstrate traditional Vietnam. The competing dynamics of all that Vietnam offers makes a vacation to this country a memorable historical and cultural experience.

Hong Kong, China

Hong kong in china is the wonderful spot to see the bizarre attractions and interesting activities during rainy days or monsoon season. In the may, jun, july and September are the rainy day months. As office workers, students and tourists hit the road armed with umbrellas, the probability of getting pierced in the eye gets higher. It seems proper umbrella etiquette needs to be taught for every purchase of this foul-weather companion, as some people “accidentally” wet others while unwrapping them upon leaving the subway station or alighting the bus. So you feel amazing atmosphere this during rainy days.

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