Burj Khalifa, Dubai: Stunning Street Views & Tourist Attractions

Experience exciting 360-degree panoramic views and attractions of dubai from the new heights of the tallest building of the world, the burj khalifa.

Nowadays, people love to visit some of the most ecstatic and exclusive attractions of the world. Dubai’s many landmarks, including the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, the world’s biggest mall, the Dubai Mall and the Meydan Racecourse and shows the remarkable growth of a city still on a fast track to developing as a business hub and tourist destination. Burj khalifa is towering over the Dubai skyline at 828 meters (2,716.5 ft). The Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world. Modeled on principles of classical Islamic architecture. The building took six years and more than 22 million man-hours to erect. What does it feel like to stand on top of the tallest building in the world? To brought you a better sense of how that may feel, tourist attractions or Street View from at the top of Burj Khalifa are amazing.

Burj khalifa most visited attraction

Street view from observation deck

Have a look on attractions and Street View imagery of the Arab world, started right at the very top – with the highest man-made viewpoint on the planet, Dubai’s monumental Burj Khalifa. Explore skyscraper on Street View—making Google Maps even more comprehensive and useful for you. The imagery was collected over three days using the Street View Trekker and Trolley, capturing high-resolution 360-degree panoramic imagery of several indoor and outdoor locations of the building. In addition to the breathtaking views from the world’s tallest observation deck on the 124th floor, you can also see what it feels like to hang off one of the building’s maintenance units on the 80th floor, normally used for cleaning windows!

Visit the highest occupied floor in the world on the 163rd floor, experience being in the fastest-moving elevators in the world (at 22 mph) and check out the highest swimming pool in the world on the 76th floor. Google announced today the launch of 360-degree street view imagery for the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; dubbed the “Vertical City”. The launch marks the first skyscraper to join Google’s global Street View collections. It is also the first time the technology has been deployed in the Arab World.

In partnership with Emaar Properties, the developer of Burj Khalifa, Google is giving users unprecedented access inside Burj Khalifa with breathtaking views and tourist attractions. Google used a trekker device, which had never been used at such high-altitudes, to capture dramatic 360 degree views from suspended building maintenance units.
By bringing the technology to remote and restricted places around the world, it allows a global audience the ability to marvel at urban masterpieces demonstrating the depths which Google will go in its ongoing quest to build the perfect, most comprehensive map.
The capture included many interior and exterior portions of Burj Khalifa including the surrounding grounds, the entrance from The Dubai Mall to “At the Top, Burj Khalifa,’ the world’s highest observation deck with an outdoor terrace on the 124th floor, as well as the residential and commercial entrances. The capture also takes users on a journey through the high-speed elevators, Sky Lobbies, Corporate Suites, and meeting room facilities, as well as breathtaking views from inside suspended building maintenance units giving users jaw-dropping views & tourist attractions of the city and Burj Khalifa.

Without venturing anywhere near the United Arab Emirates, you can explore the world’s tallest observation deck on the 124th floor, dangle from the building’s maintenance units on the 80th floor (which are reserved for cleaning windows, apparently), and also visit the highest occupied floor in the world, on floor number 163.

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