Experience The Best Nightlife in Phuket

Night life in Phuket is fun, exciting and colourful. It is one of the main attractions apart from the beaches and the Thai hospitality, as to why people keep returning to this amazing Island.

Night life in Phuket is fun, exciting and colourful night and is considered as a major party capital of Asia. However, if this constant entertainment ravishes most tourists coming to Phuket to enjoy bars and discotheques, some persons looking for softer and more serene experience may well be shocked or even perhaps disgusted by the scandalous nights in certain parts of the island.

Phuket has a well-earned and justified reputation for its wild and exuberant nightlife, especially the overt adult entertainment that is available just about everywhere. This is most prevalent in the countless beer and go-go bars, massage parlours, as well as offered by the thousands of freelance working girls in the bars and clubs. Especially when compared with European countries, the nightlife in Phuket could be considered quite wild.

Nightclubs and Discos in Phuket:

Best Nightlife in Phuket

Best Nightlife in Phuket

Soi Bangla Road

Soi Bangla or Bangla Road is the heart of all Phuket Nightlife, and the battle for night supremacy is raging between Soi Seadragon and the new Tiger complex. Over the years, the center of interest has been moving up and down Bangla road depending on seasons and popularity but the ever changing face of Patong nightlife is definitely worth a look. Of course, wherever you go in Bangla, friendly girls will call you with a big smile and encourage you to have a drink and play few silly bar games, everyone is welcome.

Banana Disco

Banana disco is supposedly the oldest disco in Patong Beach, but you wouldn’t realise as it all looks fairly clean, modern and well maintained. An eccentric Aztec theme runs throughout, and there is a giant illuminated yellow banana outside to ensure that you can’t miss it. There are two air-conditioned floors with bars on both levels, and sometimes a live band until late evening after which is transforms into a disco playing hip-hop, dance and electronic music.

Tai Pan Night Club

Just like most other places in the area, Tai Pan claims to be the “best night club in Phuket”. It does get packed during most nights of the week and there are many reasons for it: The prime location on Rat-U-Tit Road right opposite the eastern end of Bangla Road, the big and bright neon lights that easily get caught by people’s eyes, the hot chicks at the entrance distributing “free shot for every drink you buy” vouchers as well as the nice set up inside with two long bar counters, plenty of seating, a small dance floor, live band and coyote dancers (that are keen to hook up with you as long as you pay one lady drink or two at 260 Baht). Needles to say that Tai Pan Night Club also attracts “regular” girls as well as freelancers every night.

Simon Cabaret

If you’re into sequins, heavy makeup and boys who look more like girls than girls do, Simon Cabaret is the place for you. A Phuket institution, it started out in a single shop-house and has grown exponentially over the years into its presentday form as a transvestite/transgender extravaganza.

Baya Club

Sandwiched tightly between Tai Pan disco and Rock City on the opposite side of Bangla Road, the small but famous Baya Club is a well established favourite in Patong Beach, and attracts a mix of locals and tourists keen to have a night out with decent music and very friendly girls. Things only get going after 2am, by which time you’re probably already inebriated and well on the way to tomorrow’s hangover. Free entry and a lively but intimate atmosphere is a bonus, and all drinks are a fairly reasonable 80 baht.

top nightclub in phuket

top nightclub in phuket

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket nightlife is not just for adults but for children as well. If you have kids in tow and want to make their night in Thailand an unforgettable one without the hassle of age limits, Phuket Fantasea is the place to go. Phuket Fantasea is the island’s biggest show created for everyone’s entertainment. With a blend of legend, myth, and imagination, tourists will definitely have a wonderful night out here. The place is actually a theme park where tourists can shop from a variety of specialty shops that sell novelty items from t-shirts to beachwear accessories. And of course, as a theme park, kids can enjoy different carnival games, elephant rides, and dine in restaurants.

Red Hot Club

Red Hot Club looks like a typical bar from outside with its open setting and the loud music from the live band that easily attracts people’s attention right on the corner of Bangla Road. However if you have a look inside you’ll find the setting of a typical Thai night club with no dance floor but lots of round tables and bar stools for groups that are close enough to easily get in touch with your neighbours. There are TV screens all around showing live spots. Red Hot Club is also a great place to just hang out and watch the happening scene on Bangla Road.

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