Famous Tourist Attractions in North Korea

Wonderful tourist destinations in North Korea & A trip to these tourist destinations in North Korea

One of the popular holiday destinations in East Asia is the country of North Korea. North Korea, due to the fact of its difficult terrain- nearly 80% from the land is mountainous- has few urban settlements. The biggest and most posh city is the capital, Pyongyang, a really carefully engineered showcase for that `merits of communism’- so clean and perfect you could be pardoned for not believing that you’re still in Asia.

Till not too long ago, Pyongyang was so completely ‘sterilised’ that you wouldn’t find anybody old, feeble, disabled (or perhaps pregnant!) in the city. It’s be a bit less radical now, but it’s still a showcase You will find wonderful tourist destinations in North Korea. A trip to these tourist destinations in North Korea on your North Korea Tours is sure to make your holiday a memory to cherish forever. A few of the highly visited tourist destinations in North Korea are Pyongyang, Wonsan, and North Hwanghae.

North Korea Holidays

Tourist Destinations in North Korea


Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea which is located on Taedong River. The city is found in the northwest part of the country which is easily accessible through international airlines. The town has a international airport which is with many international airlines. If you’re visiting Beijing, you can take direct flight to Pyongyang after that. Or else, you can board a train from China and it’ll bring you to the main stop in the city.

A point to keep in mind is that independent tours aren’t allowed in Pyongyang. So, you’ll have to take a guided tour. Some of the interesting landmarks within the city areJuche Tower, Children’s Palace, Ryugyong Hotel, USS Pueblo, the Arch of Triumph and also the Korean War Museum. It’s without a doubt that you will be taken to Mansudae to determine the bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung. This statue is very immense and stands 20 meters tall.


Wonsan is a port city found in the southeast part of the country. Its superior waters and beautiful pine plantations, turn it into a very popular tourist destination. You can go to Songdowon, Mount Kumgang, Chongsokjon, Lake Sijung and Myongsasimni.

North Hwanghae:

Throughout the Joseon Dynasty, North Hwanghae was one of the eight provinces in the united states. This city is located in the northwest area of the country and it is popular for that People’s Park. The provincial capital of North Hwanghae throughout the Joseon Dynasty was Haeju and visiting this area is worth the time and effort.

Arirang Festival:

Certainly one of North Korea’s most popular tourist attractions if not the best is the Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang. These festivals are locked in the Rungrado May Day Stadium within the country’s capital – Pyongyang. The festivals, a two-month gymnastics and artistic festival, are held annually in celebration of Kim Il-sung’s birthday.

The two month festival are opened through the mass games of over 30,000 perfectly trained and discipline young children that hold colored cards. The wedding, which is known in the West like a card stunt, is remarkable for that massive mosaic pictures developed by these children. The mass games are combined with complex and highly choreographed group routines done by tens of thousands of dancers and gymnast. The Arirang Mass Games were identified by Guinness World Records in 2007 because the biggest event of its kind.

Heaven Lake

Probably the most astounding crater lakes in the world is Heaven Lake that is located on the border between North Korea and China. The lake lies inside a caldera on top of the volcanic Baekdu Mountain. This beautiful lake on the horizon, which is covered with ice from October to June, comes with an area of 9.82 km² with an east-west period of 3.35 kilometers and south-north period of 4.85 km. (3.01 mi) and (2.08 mi). The lake’s average depth is 213 m and maximum depth of 384 m.

Fall of Furyong

Kumgangsan is a natural tourist attraction in North Korea. This 1,638 meter high mountain is found in Kangwon-do and one of the best-known mountains in North Korea. It provides breathtaking views and many other scenic spots. The magnificent Fall of Furyong is just one of its most visited spots. It’s also known as Geumgangsan, or Mount Geumgang. The name means Diamond Mountain.

Kumgangsan Tourist Region

The Kumgangsan Tourist Region is among the most popular tourist destinations in North Korea. It had been popular among South Korean tourists however the area is now closed.
Juche Tower

The Juche Tower is a notable landmark in Pyongyang, North Korea. This 170 meter tall monument, which is the world’s 2nd tallest monumental column, was carried out 1982. The tower contains 25,550 blocks (365 × 70, one for every day of Kim Il Sung’s life) and it is illuminated by a metal torch. The tower could be ascended through a lift where a platform the underneath the torch offers a breathtaking look at the city. There are also pavilions and water fountains around the tower. This structure is officially referred to as Tower of the Juche Idea.

Reunification Arch

Another remarkable structure situated in Pyongyang is the Arch of Reunification. The arch was built-in 2001 in commemoration of the Korean Unification proposals through the late Kim-Il-sung. The arch includes a unified map of Korea.


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