Heritage village – Cultural attractions of dammam, saudi arabia

One of Dammam’s premier places to visit is the truly splendid Heritage Village. Experience traditional food and dance of saudi arabian culture.

If you’re looking for a holiday with a twist this year, Saudi Arabia should be at the top of your list. With a culture like no other and a lifestyle completely different from what you may be used to, this city is a breath of fresh air offering a rewarding culture experience. There are several Dammam sights that should be on your list of things to see. Saudi Arabia is full of history and culture so have fun exploring this magnificent country. The Heritage Village is considered one of the outstanding touristic Hallmarks of the Eastern Province. Visiting the Heritage Village is like visiting many parts of the Kingdom. Heritage village is next to Sheraton Dammam Hotel Towers and is located in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

This place is a good place to visit as an introduction to Saudi food and culture. Located centrally in Dammam, close to Sheraton, in an “old” fort setting, The set meal food is delicious, filling and authentic. The building that forms the heart of this Dammam locale stands out like a fortress and provides the home for many artefacts pertaining to Dammam’s incredible history. A visit to this astounding museum will tell you all you need to know about Dammam, from past to present, with cultural events, past conflicts and the growth of the city over the ages waiting to be discovered. You’ll find ancient weapons, dusty photographs, royal jewellery and an interior design that’ll take your breath away.

Traditional food in heritage village

Cultural Lamb Dinner

The village combines the authenticity of traditions with the nobility of the present. Visitors can experience the handicrafts section displaying a variety of handmade items, the heritage and marine section, as well as traditional local dishes. Visitors can also enjoy traditional games, children’s theatre, recreational games, marine activities, a shopping tent, paragliding, as well as many village events such as bicycle races, hiking, and sailing boats. Housed in a modern, yet magnificent fort, visitors are welcomed in true Arabian style with hot cups of coffee and delicious dates. The museum itself showcases a fascinating collection of antiques and artefacts from all corners of the kingdom. Highlights have to be the perfumery, filled with exquisite scents, and the restaurant that lies on an unforgettable spread of local dishes.

Experience saudi arabian culture – Traditional food and dance

The all male dance and drums show is interesting. An entertaining option for visitors to a city where there are very few alternatives. You will find all the traditional food of Saudi Arabia under one roof .you taste the central area dishes along with western ,and eastern area saudi dishes in the same time.also don’t forget to visit the small museum which show a lot of things used 100 years ago .it is highly recommended to visit and enjoy the food.

You can visit on several occasions and it’s definitely worth the visit. Upon entering you’re greeted with traditional gahwa and dates and then seated either at a table or one of the more traditional rooms with floor seating (we always choose the room w/ floor seating). Great opportunity to get a taste of the culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia as well as the food. The servers were friendly, efficient and very helpful. Overall, you will enjoy fun in this highly recommend and tourist visiting area.

The building is privately owned, which is pretty amazing in itself. It looks like an Arabian castle, complete with turrets and rooftop lookouts. You come in the door and there is a large three-story entry that includes a lake, swans (fake), and parrots (real). We were led into a waiting room and instructed to remove our shoes.
The purpose of this room is to welcome people with Arabic coffee and dates. There are carpets on the floor and many Arabic artifacts around the room. A man with a dagger (naturally) serves each person a cup of Arabic coffee which is laced with cardamom and served in the traditional style. This includes pouring the coffee in a long stream into a tiny cup. The cup is traditionally refilled until you shake the empty cup three times, which means you don’t want any more.

Dammam Heritage village best place to visit

The best look of heritage village

Students, foreigners join hands to preserve heritage village

A project to revive Al-Akkas heritage village is bringing Saudi students and foreigners together for an exhibition held on the sidelines of the fourth National Urban Heritage Campaign organized at the Al-Muftahah village. The project includes 30 designs laid down under the leadership of Anna Klemanjan to transform the village in Ahba, to a technological and art center where art is intertwined with advanced technology. The project has its source at Dar Al-Hekmah with the collaboration of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.
An engineer involved in the project, Seema Al-Rifaei, said the students and the university staff are presenting light and sound events highlighting the architectural aesthetics of the heritage village. The project also features traditional paintings, elaborated by local artists such as Ahmed Mater, Abdul Nasser Al-Gharim, Ibrahim Abu Mismar and Abdullah Hammas, among others.

Tourist attractions and things to do near Heritage village

King Fahd Park: One of Dammam’s most popular spots, the park sprawls across a whopping 67 acres of land and is lushly landscaped with a wonderful display of trees and plant life. Cool evenings can be spent taking a gentle stroll picnicking by the edge of an ornamental lagoon.
Al-Marjan Island: Al Marjan is an artificial island connected to the Dammam pier through a bridge. It has everything the tourist and families’ need, such as green spaces, children’s playgrounds and golden beaches. You can enjoy a sea ferry by special boat rides to and from the island with a free meal.
Dammam Corniche: Best explored on foot or by bike, the area offers dedicated sports sections, plenty of places to snack and best of all, unrivalled panoramic views of the captivating coastline.
National Museum: To gain a rich understanding of Dammam’s history, head down to the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography. Housed by the Public Library, the museum is home to an extensive collection of exhibits that illustrate the region’s unique culture. Exhibition halls showcase a collection of traditional costumes, Bedouin craftwork and Islamic ceramics.
Water Sports and Beaches: Dammam’s pearl bright beaches and bright blue sea attracts a host of tourists from the beach enthusiast to the sea kayaker and jet skier. If you choose you can go to King Fahd Park, and spend luxury time in cafes, swimming pools and fountains attractions.

Visit also the other sightseeing and best places of Dammam, are:

  • Flagpole
  • Al-Karia Ash-Sha’abia
  • Half Moon Beach
  • Saudi Aramco Exhibit
  • Science Technology Center
  • Coastal Sports Center
  • AlkhleejMakarim Village
  • King Abdul Aziz Seaport

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