Maldives Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Maldives range from pristine beaches and magnificent islands to fishing villages, monumental remains and luxury resorts. The breathtaking natural beauty of attractions of Maldives has been the greatest allure for tourists from world over.
Sightseeing in Maldives is mainly about a visit to the myriad islands inside the country. Extra than 1,190 in number, these islands exude magnificence and are basically paradisiacal.

The greatest tourist attraction in Maldives is an outing to any of the innumerable beaches in Maldives. Fringed by palm trees, layered by golden sands and surrounded by boundless verdant greens, these beaches are virtual paradises in themselves.

The charm of Maldives’ attractions will be the key reason for the popularity of honeymoon in Maldives. Quietude and privacy are very easily out there to couples here.

And, for anyone who is adventurous varieties, there are actually umpteen items to do in Maldives. Attempt out parasailing, scuba diving or dolphin watching in Maldives. It can be positive to be essentially the most riveting encounter of your life.

Spa holidays in Maldives are in substantial demand by those in search of total rejuvenation. Maldives tourist attractions also incorporate spa resorts that’ll bowl you over with their treatment.

When in Maldives, do to miss a visit to the National Museum in Male. Consisting of ancient coins, armory and artifacts, it can be a superb exhibit of the history and culture of Maldives.

Baa Atoll, Fuamulaku, Islamic Center and Grand Friday Mosque are the other must-see tourist attractions in Maldives.

In this section, we will present you with information and facts on the Maldives tourist attraction locations. Maldives is actually a location identified for its attractive atolls. Male, becoming the hub of commercial trade, will be the most happening location in Maldives. Its neighborhood markets plus the fish marketplace are worth visiting. There’s a major reservoir of tourist locations in Maldives. So, take out your cameras to click the pictures of these picturesque locations.

Top Tourist Attractions in Maldives

Grand Friday Mosque
Grand Friday mosque, Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A “z” zam will be the greatest mosque of Maldives. This grand architecture of bygone times was constructed by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656.

National Museum
National museum in Maldives is among the key tourist attraction destinations of the country. Situated inside the Sultan Park, which was a component of the Sultan’s palace, it can be fundamentally a conversion of the old palace constructing.

Mulee Aage Palace
Situated in front of the Friday mosque, Maldives Mulee Aage palace was built inside the year 1906. The credit for its construction goes to the Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. It was just before World War I that the Sultan built this palace for his son.

Hukuru Miskiiy
Hukuru Miskiiy in Maldives will be the oldest mosque of the country that was established inside the year 1956. This old Friday mosque was set up in the course of the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar

Esjehi Art Gallery
Esjehi art gallery in Maldives is situated on the east of Sultan Park, in 1 of the oldest buildings of Maldives.

Artificial Beach
Artificial beach in Maldives delivers an chance to Maldivians to get pleasure from a superb swim in the course of summers.

Jumhoorie Maidan
Situated along the northern waterfront in Male, Jumhoorie Maidan in Maldives was set up inside the year 1989. Extra generally identified as the republic square of Maldives, the Jumhoorie Maidan with its green grass and lush vegetation serves as one of essentially the most well known locations for social gatherings.

Male Fish Marketplace
One of the significant tourist attraction spots in Maldives will be the Male fish marketplace. Becoming the hub of commercial activities, Maldives fish marketplace is actually a location which is normally overcrowded with persons.

Attractive beaches of Maldives
The attractive beaches in Maldives. Situated on the equator towards the south of Sri Lanka, Maldives is blessed with beaches rich in coconuts and tropical fruits. It can be owing to the Maldives beaches that the country is regarded as to be among the hottest tourist destinations of the world.

The beaches of Maldives provide you with an chance to savor the beauty of nature and rejuvenate your self. The entire atmosphere on the beaches is quite tranquil and peaceful. It is possible to remain at any of the resort islands and get pleasure from the charm of beaches. Adventurous people today can indulge in water sports like wind surfing, parasailing, diving and snorkeling.

Out of all of the beaches of Maldives, essentially the most stunning beach is Nalaguraidhoo inside the South Ari Atoll. The beaches of Maldives are worth capturing in camera. As you walk along the shores, cool breeze will pamper you. In case you would like to bask, then basically lie down on the soft sand bordering the beaches. The serenity of the beaches situated in Banyan Tree Island, Nika and Cocoa Island will make you fall in really like with them.

Mohammed Thakurufaanu Tomb
Tomb of Mohammad Thakurufaanu in Maldives is actually a have to visit tourist attraction destination. Situated inside the compound of the Bihuroazu Kamanaa Miskiiy, it has a good deal of significance for the persons of this country. Mohammad Thakurufaanu tomb in Maldives was built inside the memory of Sultan Ghaazee Mohammed Thakurufaanu, an awesome national hero, who liberated Maldives from the colonial rule of Portuguese. Portuguese established their rule over the country for about 15 years immediately after overthrowing Sultan Ali VI in 1558. It can be as a result of this brave Sultan that the countrymen get pleasure from their freedom.

When to Visit Maldives
If you are in search of a number of additional hours of sunshine then make sure you visit the Maldives between December and April, which will be the dry season. This will be the high season, having said that, and resorts is often totally booked and costs are greater than the rest of the year. The Christmas-New Year period will be the busiest and most highly-priced component of the high season. Between May perhaps and November it is still warm, but the skies is often cloudy, humidity is greater and rain is extra likely. This will be the low season, and there are actually fewer tourists and costs are lower. The transition months of November and April are stated to be related to increased water clarity and superior visibility for divers.

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