Most Beautiful Pattaya Beach for Your Summer Vacation

Pattaya beach is one of the most popular spot for foreigner tourist and expatriates.

If planning summer visit to Pattaya this summer, you are making the right choice. It’s one of the top destinations on the planet, because it combines the exotic destination, the bustling nightlife, an extremely free spirit when it comes to companionship for males and of course the amazing beaches that Thailand is famous.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach

Even if you are not the “sit around the beach all day long” type of person, you’ll find numerous things to do during your summer visit to Pattaya. First of all, Pattaya is Thailand’s capital for windsurfers. Top event of the season is in December when the town hosts the Siam Cup. Best months for doing things are March-April and July-August. Jomtien Beach, a 10-minute drive in the center of Pattaya, is the main hub for doing things. Equipment can be rented at Amara Sailing Center, Club Loong Chat, and also the Starboard Club. All three are on Jomtien. One other popular spot for windsurfers is Tabsai, 30 kilometers north of Pattaya on the highway from Bangkok, where the water is usually calmer.

As a well-known tourism country, Thailand gives you a lot of destinations. And, Pattaya beach is among the most popular place for foreigner tourist and expatriates. This tourism is providing you with unique vacation with diversity atmosphere. Not just popular for its Pattaya beach activities, this area also known as a place that proclaiming to offer you exotic night life, luxurious resort, and sightseeing place. So here’s brief overview of Pattaya beach that going to assist you to plan your vacation in Thailand.

Pattaya beach

The beach is split into three areas that share completely different characteristic. The north is the most quiet beach in contrast to the others. If you kind of individuals who like sedate vacation with luxurious treatment, then your north Pattaya beach is the right spot for you. This place is known for luxurious beach resort, unique entertainment like cabaret, and delicious restaurants. The central area proclaiming to offer you medium sized accommodation, unique party all night atmosphere where you can find beach bars across the street, and nice shopping place like Royal Garden Plaza. And, the south may be the busiest area. Known for Pattaya beach walking street, and you’ll discover a wild nightlife and numerous beach bars.

There’s also numerous other activities to do on your summer vacation in Pattaya; after all, you’re in the Pacific Ocean with its amazing deep. Diving is, thus, one of many activities, There are dozens of dive sites across the coast and the nearby islands.

Pattaya Beach Party all night atmosphere

Well everybody know that Pattaya Beach gives you legendary night life. In here, you’ll find Beer Bars, Gay Nightlife, Go-Go Bars and Lady boy Cabaret. Pattaya beach bars is scattered around city, so that you can find it easily. This place proclaiming to offer you a nice drink, while watching the night time goes on. But be careful, there’s lots of scams happen here, so don’t disappointed your guard. As the biggest gay area in Thailand, Pattaya also proclaiming to offer you full entertainment for gay that centered in Boyz Town. But when you don’t like hanging around in bar, you may enjoy your night with watching glamorous lady boy cabaret. The most popular lady boy cabarets are Tiffany’s, Malibu, and Alcazar.

Nightlife is obviously the other pillar that the fame of Pattaya rests on. Discos, bars and clubs are open the whole day. Bars are the focal point from the nightlife in Pattaya that is known because of its shows such as the Tiffany’s show, Alangkam and Alcazaar Show, that are in famous worldwide for their flamboyant atmosphere which will light up your summer visit to Pattaya.

Summer Vacation in Pattaya

Summer Vacation in Pattaya


Pattaya beach also provide you with many different nice places that worth to go to. On the Royal Garden Plaza, you can go to Ripley’s museum which created from famous tv program. Consist about 300 exhibits that likely to provide you with mixed feeling of unique fact, thrilling activity and delightful thing. Also, there’s Under Water World Pattaya, contain about 2500 aquatic animals. It’s the most exciting aquarium in Pattaya. Another Pattaya beach attractions that you could try is Fitness Park, and Buddhist site Wat Phra Yai.

Shopping Place

For merchandise and beach essentials, you’ll find it easily along the south Pattaya beach area where souvenirs market open all and night. But when you want to try Pattaya beach shopping in additional comfortable place, you can go to Royal Garden Plaza, Central Festival Shopping, and Factory Outlet Mall.

When it comes to cuisine, we should not forget that Pattaya is within Thailand that offers one of the top cuisines on the planet. You can find numerous dining outlets in Pattaya, which range from local Thai cuisine to Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Japanese, along with other. There are also stalls in the street and you’ll discover anything you might be craving for, in the fraction of cost. In the end, summer vacation in Pattaya can be really inexpensive for Western tourists.

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