Most Famous Rainy Places to Visit in Asia

The popular holiday destinations and best places to visit in asia during monsoon season for those people who like to roam in rainy days enjoying.

Monsoon, often synonymous with rainy places, fundamentally means a change in wind direction due to uneven heating of land and water winds begin to blow from ocean to land causing the air over the land to become moist and causing heavy rainfall. Southeast Asia is the most famous example of a monsoon area compared to any other part of the world. Heavy rainfall and storms characterise the Asian monsoon. However, if you think that this is a nuisance, think again. Monsoons are very important for they bring the much-needed relief from the gruelling heat of the Asian summer. After the scorching heat of the summer months, people await the cooling showers eagerly and the first monsoon rain is greeted joyously. The monsoon rains are also very important for the crops.

Rainy Places to Visit in Asia

Rainy Places to Visit in Asia

Best Monsoon Destinations in Asia


Blessed with two monsoons, bustling Singapore does not stop for any season! The biggest reason to head to Singapore during monsoons is its celebrated Great Singapore Sale which offers mind blowing discounts, giving you an opportunity to look as chic and well-groomed as the Singaporeans so effortlessly do! So head to this garden city to enjoy its entirety and discover the countless indulgences and surprises awaiting you!


Thailand has a heavy monsoon which is mostly concentrated in its mainland. Monsoons shed the glamorous facade of Bangkok and even though the rains here come in short, heavy spells, theres no way you can stay away from its allure. The safer rainy places to visit in Thailand during the rains are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao where rain is not so much an irritant rather than an enhancer of beauty. Get ready for unbelievable offers on hotels and shopping during this time and beauty like you have never experienced before.


Home to Cherapunji and Mawsynram, the wettest rainy places on earth, monsoons have a special meaning in this state. Shillong, surrounded with valleys, adorns gorgeous waterfalls and a panoramic view of the rolling hills. North-east India with its untouched beauty and virgin forests is truly a rain-lovers heaven.

Rainy Places

Rainy Places


Malaysia is one of the most exciting destinations in South East Asia. It has everything; a virgin rainforest, jaw-dropping scuba dive-sites, indulgent retail therapy and even a world famous Orang-utan rehabilitation centre! During the traditional monsoon season of the rest of Asia, Malaysia’s east coast is still dry which means that its world-class beaches are still accessible. So you can choose your adventure trekking, rock climbing, scuba-diving or shop-hopping! Malaysia is a travellers dream-come-true anytime of the year.


When there are monsoons in India, Indonesia is mostly dry with light, intermittent rains that do not come in the way of exploring this stunning country. Indonesia, once the underdog of tourism, has since proved that it offers excellent opportunities for travel and sight-seeing. On the one hand Sumatra will mesmerize with its majestic Lake Toba and on the other Bali will encourage you to soak in its warm sun and soft sands. Jakarta is turning out to be a shopaholics dream come true and the Ayer islands are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling.

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