Top 6 Must See Tourist Places in Algeria

Algeria is the best tourist places that people on the world want to see and want to know about it.

Algeria is a grand tourist place in the continent of Africa and Algeria is spread on a very vast space. Lush landscapes, grand architecture or the culture, Algeria has it all. It is a must visit place for everyone and you will love Algeria in its best form. There are many tourist places in Algeria that you can visit. There are many mysterious and beautiful cities that will capture your hearts. Check out the below tourist destinations that you can see when you are here with your friends and family.

must see tourist places in algeria

must see tourist places in algeria

When we talk about Algeria, people generally think of Algiers which is the heart and Capital of Algeria. Generally when we discuss the “most beautiful places on earth to visit” people also talk about is not easy to tell if anyone is the most well-known than anyone else. Recently, we have done a deep researches online and asked many Algeria persons and visitors focusing on Algeria travel to find out the most visited places in Algeria to list in the “top most stunning places in the world” from Algeria. Below are list of that you are going to see.

Some of the Best tourist destinations in Algeria


Although difficult to reach without your own transport, the Atakor Plateau, situated in the Ahaggar National Park, is worth any of the effort or inconvenience. The landscape is a red-brown dry landscaped dotted with harsh sheer peaks. The terrain is like something straight out of a sci-fi flick and is a sight that will stick with you for a long time. The highlight of the plateau is the Assekrem Peak. Assekrem in the Tuareg language means “the end of the world” which is a fitting way to describe the view from the peak and the rugged harshness of the landscape.


The city of Setif in Algeria is all known for the Roman Ruins that the city holds within itself. There are certain French culture that is left in the city. Setif is the Real Algeria that people can encounter. This city is located at a height from the sea level. But there are certain disadvantages too of being in the city.


There were many geographical reasons for the Phoenicians to found Annaba that are still apparent today and are the reason for the cities relative prosperity. The city has a natural port which handles many of the country’s exports but for travellers, the city’s history and culture, especially Hippo Regius, is the main attraction. The ruins of Hippo Regius are surrounded by olive trees on one side and the sea on the other. The ruins include mosaics, bronze trophies and ruins of villas and temples.

must see tourist places in algeria

must see tourist places in algeria


Djanet is a seaside town in the heart of Algeria. The city is located at a height in the plush mountains which overlooks the city. It is a small little town which has all basic amenities like shops, banks, etc. There is certain beautiful rock collections in this small town located in a national park and people come here to see those rock collections and recollect the past.


Batna is not far from Constantine but it feels entirely different. Separated from Constantine by harsh salt flats, Batna is the capital of the Aurus Massif, a region of Algeria made up from a continuation of the Atlas Mountains. Batna’s history is nowhere near as extensive as some of the destinations in Algeria and has only existed since a decree in 1848 signed by Napoleon III. Due to its location in a valley, the summers are very hot and the winters very cold. There is a lively student scene here due to the city’s population of over 30,000 students.


Only 40km away from Batna but a different attraction entirely, Timgad is the expensive ruins of an entire Roman town. The ruins are a little overwhelming at first but reward those that take the time to explore every row and road. There is an entrance fee but it is well worth it for what is arguably one of the most stunning Roman ruin sites in the world. Nothing else in Algeria will prepare you for the vastness of the Roman ruins in Timgad.

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