Top 7 Best Destinations in Asia During August Month

Make a vacational plan to go beautiful & wonderful destinations like indonesia & malaysia of southeast asia is full of historical, cultural and natural attractions.

Where you should go will depend on your interests and what time of year you plan to travel. Southeast Asia enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures hovering around the 30C mark all year round. Most of the countries in this region experience three seasons: hot, wet and dry. Find the most suited destinations for your vacation based on your type of travel and time of travel, be it Adventure, Beach, Spa and wellness or a Honeymoon holiday, we have destinations lined up from across the world Then check out our list of the main tourists sights for an idea of what to see and do, away from the beach. Here are the favourite destinations and places to visit asia in southeast during july and august months according to the best season, climate and temperature.

Best Destinations in Asia

Best Destinations in Asia


No change from July, although rainfall will start to lessen towards the end of the month. Despite this, wherever you travel in Burma you should expect heavy rains.Temperatures remain high (averaging highs of 27 – 30°C) and the beaches on the west and southern coast are now closed with road travel across much of the country difficult, in many cases impossible. Can you still travel in Burma in August yes, just. Are there better months to visit.


Dubbed as the country’s final frontier, this island has its own language, clothing, and customs. This is the area where the Pacific Ocean meets the South China Sea so the rumbles of the waters can be heard practically anywhere. Enjoy the lovely coastlines and volcanic rocks.


During August and September rainfall reaches peak levels throughout the country with temperatures dropping and the length and severity of rain showers increasing, even in Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Travel to the more remote regions of the country is difficult at times although road conditions have generally been greatly improved in recent years. Temperatures average in the low 20’s°C throughout the country.


World-class shopping is what this country promises to offer its tourists. Anyone would want to visit this country with its upstanding character and pristine streets. These are all highly attributed to the strict government regulation that is imposed on its citizens and visitors.

Best Place to Visit in Asia

Best Place to Visit in Asia


Halong Bay (Vietnam)

Along with its 600 square miles of coves and grottoes, the Halong Bay also features more than 2,000 limestone outcrops in the waters of Halong Bay. The place has numerous islands of varied sizes with enclosed lakes and other wonders.


Explore the great borneo tourists attractions and destinations in asia to visit during august month. Borneo comes with an equatorial climate and situated south from the equator, a dry months are the reverse of the remainder of South-east Asia: April, July, August November. The rainy season begins in December and ends late March. All the time of year however, it is usually hot and humid in the lowlands and cooler in the mountains. Mt Kinabalu has its own climate and often experiences freezing temperatures at night. It is advisable to visit in south aisa during august month.


The overall outlook is very mixed in relation to weather. The centre of Vietnam remains hot and predominantly dry with infrequent rain expected, but increasing towards the end of the month. The south is firmly in the midst of the wet season with daily downpours to become expected whilst the north is well into summer mode rich in temperatures and frequent rain the norm. Visitor numbers relatively remain low and the central beaches still promise a lot of sunshine. Trekking is off the cards in most regions due to rain in the northern mountains and central highlands.


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