Top 7 Things To Do in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

find the best selection of things to do in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for you to browse through and learn about all the most popular activities.

Planning a trip to Dammam, Saudi Arabia? Dammam is the capital and largest city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Dammam is one of the three most important cities that lie in the Arabian Gulf. The Saudi Arabian city is known for some of the most important petroleum refining centers in the world. The eastern province and particularly Dammam is abundant in oil resources and which offers one of the most important port and hub of the country. The city is tourism friendly because it forms the longest channel that flutters besides the waves of Persian Gulf. Dammam is easily accessible to international visitors as it has the largest airport in the world.

heritage village

heritage village

One of the most popular tourist attractions of the town of Dammam, is the Dammam Corniche. A panoramic look at natural beauty, things to do in Dammam Corniche forms part of the gigantic seaside project stretching from Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. Interspersed along the Corniche are massive, modern art installations, which reflect the creativity of the makers and the nation’s love of art. The Corniche is really a local destination for families and friends for free time, especially in the evenings after work to savor.

Beautiful & Famous Places of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

National Museum

The National Museum gives focus to the history of Islam. The museum has over ten different galleries, several courtyards and there is a section of the house that holds several items owned by the founding King of Saudi Arabia. This museum is very extensive so plan on spending at least half the day if not more here.

Heritage village

If you’re looking for a holiday with a twist this year, Saudi Arabia should be at the top of your list. With a culture like no other and a lifestyle completely different from what you may be used to, this city is a breath of fresh air offering a rewarding culture experience. There are several Dammam sights that should be on your list of things to do see. Saudi Arabia is full of history and culture so have fun exploring this magnificent country. The Heritage Village is considered one of the outstanding touristic Hallmarks of the Eastern Province. Visiting the Heritage Village is like visiting many parts of the Kingdom. Heritage village is next to Sheraton Dammam Hotel Towers and is located in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

Half Moon beach

This beach as beautiful as its name located at Dammam, the most perfect and ideal place for visitors and tourists attraction. This beach is exactly shaped like a half moon that is why it is named as the half moon beach. The sandy coast of the beach is an amazing venue for a dinner away from noisy and busy cities. If you travel to dammam do visit this place I bet you will like it here.

Dammam Corniche

The Tourism Authority of Dammam has made attractive nature as well as gorgeous scenery to it that counts the sandy area and green spaces along with playgrounds for children, kiosk as well as service facilities. The most famous the is national celebrations in addition to Eid days ceremonies are held here every year. This place is one of the best places to visit if you come Dammam to find some fun time. On special occasions like Eid the place is decorated with different beautiful lights that give an amazing view with the sea and greenery. The view of Damman chorniche is breath taking.

half moon beach

half moon beach



Muslim visitors can make a pilgrimage to Mecca, which during the annual holy month of Ramadan can find more than two million visitors traveling to Saudi Arabia for the holy rite. A full visit – which if completed at another time during the year is called Umrah – will include time at the Kaabah, the Mountain of Light, the Plain of Arafat and the House of Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttalib, where Muhammad was born. Non-Muslims are forbidden from entering these holy sites.


The northern towns of Buraidah and Unaizah in the Qassim region offer rich cultural heritage and history. Unaizah has ancient farmlands, beautiful unique mosques, historical sites and an excellent traditional marketplace.

Kingdom Tower

The world’s tallest building fascinates many of the visitors from all around the world. Being a superb slender and tallest building, known as Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom tower is the building for which the architects have decided to make it taller by just one kilometer more, so that it makes the world record. This amazing 3280ft tall building is a beautiful skyscraper that talks to the sky, would include some hotels and office space in the near future. The building is designed very carefully, keeping in mind the wind loads and capacity. It also has a beautiful circular sky terrace with a glass floor from where one can easily see the red sea.

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