Top 8 Singapore Night Attractions, Dining & Nightlife

Singapore is a great place to have fun, be entertained and enjoy the nightlife. With a panoply of clubs there is sure to be something for everybody.

Singapore is often misunderstood as a shopping destination in Asia. The city state is a beautiful amalgamation of colonial and modern architecture. Singapore is multi-cultural city with influences from Indian, Chinese, and European philosophy evident on its centuries old streets and modern high-rises. Some travelers love partying or going out to places at night. This may be because, the temperature is much cooler and that it is less crowded, or maybe because it’s more exciting when you are out after daylight. Singapore is not only known for its great attractions during the day but also with its lively night attractions. A dose of Singapore‘s version of a great and exciting night life will surely get your pulse beating quickly and heart pumping. This article gives you some ideas where you can enjoy Singapore at night time.

The Most Popular Singapore Night Attractions:

Boat Quay

Night Attractions in Singapore

Night Attractions in Singapore

One of the most favorite places to chill out in Singapore, the Boat Quay is a trailblazer of the Singapore night entertainment scene that offers a variety of high end restaurants, alfresco dining, lively bars and pubs.

Clarke Quay

Any discussion about where to go for evening drinks in Singapore usually starts here. A favourite amongst locals and tourists, Clarke Quay is gifted with one of the best locations in the city, set around a picturesque body of water in the shadow of the towered CBD skyline in the background. Row upon row of swanky bars and restaurants line the colourful boulevards offering great alfresco dining, whilst clubs like Attica and Zirca appease the more bass-music inclined.

Merlion Park

The Singaporean Icon, the Merlion is a the archetypal symbol of Singapore which symbolizes its humble beginnings as a fishing village. The Merlion Park is one of Singapore’s main tourists attraction that is beautiful at day and breathtaking at night. The park is a perfect location to take in the beauty of Marina Bay.


Chijmes, also known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus is one of Singapore’s historical landmark that has been restored to become a commercial complex. The complex is now the center for shopping, dining and entertainment. Popular joints such as Harry’s Bar and Insomnia are located here for drinks and live music.


ZOUK is the most popular nightclub in Singapore that attracts not only local residents but also international travelers. Providing excellent clubbing experience to customers for more than 23 years, this award winning club has long been recognized as one of the best nightlife attractions in Singapore.

Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari in the country is where guests are given a night time tour around the park. Here, over 1,000 animals can be seen grazing and hunting in their natural environment. The park provides a tram called the Gourmet Safari Express that does not only offer gourmet cuisines but a thrilling adventure throughout the park.

Orchard Road Singapore

Orchard Road Singapore

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is better known for its malls rather than its pubs, as soon as the weary shoppers head home, the party animals come out to play. After dark, the whole area becomes teeming with sophisticated bars, lavish pre-party lounges and the odd fully-fledged club (Club Sonar at TAB). Be sure to check out Emerald Hill Road behind Orchard Central too. This pretty little strip is packed full of quaint 100-year-old buildings and makes a great stop for a cheeky post-mall cocktail or draft beer.

Singapore River

A river cruise through Singapore’s main bodies of water taken at night is one tourist attraction that you wouldn’t want to miss. The cruise travels along the different quays in Singapore (Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Robertson Quay and Marina Bay) where the city becomes alive with lights.

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