Unnerve Yourself at Patong Beach in Thailand for An Unforgettable Experience

Patong Beach is most popular beach on Phuket Island. Phuket is now Thailand's most important tourist destination, offering a variety of beaches, attractions and exciting night life.

Patong beach is located on the west coast of the Phuket island of Thailand. This beach has been popularized in 1980’s mainly by the foreign tourists especially Europeans visiting here to see the eye catching and beautiful 2 km long beach and enjoy the night life of this beach. Numerous chains of hotels and restaurants are also present here to cater to the stay and entertainment needs of the visitors coming here.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Night life is the major attraction here

Patong beach is famous for its night life where variety of activities happen for enjoy and entertainment of the tourists and visitors coming here. There are thousands of restaurants, bear bars, gogo bars, discos to have party and play. This night life is centre around Bangla road or Soi bangle as it is popularly called there.

You won’t find the traditional east here but will get mesmerized by the busting atmosphere and chaotic environment prevalent here. Nights are illuminated with the neon lights and hot streets with all form of entertainment present to welcome you. You are advised to drink lots of water here to fight the heat and follow the principle of ‘mai pen rai’ which means in English “don’t worry be happy”.

Many interesting activities will keep you busy here

The entertaining night life is the major attraction but there is more to this Thai island. Stunning beaches, water sports, shopping, sightseeing attractions, international dining experience, great hotels and resorts, and topping it all, a naughty nightlife scene, famous through out the world makes patong one of the favorite exotic tourist destinations. During the day, you can indulge in a number of activities including parasailing, jet-skiing, fishing, and boating to name only a few.

Best time to visit

The water is calm during from November to April but there are large waves during the South West Monsoons (May to October). Overall the water is safe for swimming but do keep a look for the red flags during the monsoon months.

Patong is the heaven for food lovers

You will find restaurants ,cafes and vendors all around  the beach resort so if you are a food fanatic then you need not go far away to satiate your crave for the hunger of food. A number of spicy noodle stands, fast food outlets and restaurants serving international cuisine are based at good locations all within convenient distance here.

Shopping can be one of the best experiences

With street stalls selling everything from handicrafts, silk scarves, and sarongs to beach clothes, leisure wear, leather goods and luggage, CDs, computer games and electronic gadgets and toys, you will be amazed by the speed with which a beach of sport activities in daytime transforms itself into a market for shoppers during the night.

Let your hair down here in the night

Attraction of Patong Beach

Attraction of Patong Beach

As has been mentioned above Phuket is famous for its blasting night life and people from all over the world come here to enjoy this. In past things were quiet wild and so they have been tamed for the families to come and entertain themselves in graceful manner. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t find the wild action any more. Just go to Soi bangle road and get the sight of all you can only imagine in your dreams. Be it girlie bars or pubs, gogo bars or any other engagement they all will help you put your hair down and have a very good unforgettable time.

Thailand national museum gives the accounts of History

When we are discussing the special attractions of this land then it would be even interesting to peek through some of the windows to know the history behind this famous beach island. The major information is received from the book written around the year 157 by Claudius Ptolemy, a famous Greek philosopher, that to travel to Malay Peninsula by ship, the merchants had to stop at a cape known as junk Ceylon.

You can also find the name of junk Ceylon on the ancient maps of the region around Thailand’s South West coast. This is a way station situated on the route between India and China where seafarers stopped to shelter. This Island is today known as Phuket.

During the Nineteenth Century Chinese immigrants arrived in such numbers to work for the tin mines that the major population inside the interiors of the island is chinese, while the coastal settlements remained populated essentially by Muslim fishermen.

You can find about the culture of people, historical artifacts and records along with the major events  in the Thailand national museum.

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  1. Firstly phuket is an island, so anywhere you remain on the island will be phuket. have you mean patong beach on phuket? i am not a fan of the place. way too many disgusting old men and thai girls i’m unsure what the other areas on the island are just like, but i’m pretty sure you will find a nice resort on a quiet beach from the hustle and bustle of patong beach. since you are going on your honeymoon you might want to consider phi phi island it’s very beautiful and secluded and quite near to phuket.

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