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Browse touring details to have fun at disneyland in tokyo disney resort enjoying attractions and fantasy world.

The Magic Kingdom is having trouble in Europe, but more than 10 years after Mickey Mouse and his gang opened the gates to free-spending Japanese, the Tokyo Disneyland thrives. Tokyo Disneyland is every bit as “Disney” as you might expect, and in many ways, of a higher standard than the other Disney Parks. Tokyo Disneyland is a theme park based on the films produced by Walt Disney. It was opened in 1983 as the first Disney theme park outside of the United States. Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades. It is built in the same style as Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida. It is owned by The Oriental Land Company, which licenses the theme from The Walt Disney Company. There are two parks next to each other Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. You have to pay separate for each one.

You can have an even more enjoyable time at the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks by checking the various schedules of attractions, restaurants, shops and more in advance. Guests can experience an even more enjoyable stay at Tokyo Disney Resort by familiarizing themselves in advance with the operating hours and other details of the Resort’s many facilities and services provided for their comfort.

The Disney open date one day passport gives you the flexibility to go to Disneyland or Disney Sea on any day you choose. You won’t have to worry about being locked in to the one date so you can go when the mood best suits you. Famous for its attractions and rides you’ll discover that Tokyo Disney Resort offers serious fun for everyone. To conquer Tokyo Disneyland in fewer than two days required Strategic Planning . At 115 acres, Tokyo Disneyland would most certainly be a huge park to cover. After payment you will be sent an exchange ticket and you will need to exchange this at the Tokyo Disneyland main entrance information & ticket booths for your actual entry.

Tokyo Disneyland Theme Park

Tokyo Disneyland Theme Park

When to visit Tokyo Disneyland

  • Major public holidays are the busiest time of the year. Avoid visiting the park during the Golden Week (end of April – beginning of May) and New Years holidays.
  • Saturday is the busiest day of the week, and the least visitors is during the week especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
  • During the year the smallest crowds are in January (after the 6th) and February on weekdays: weekends are still very busy.
  • In summer it’s very hot and humid, yet very crowded. The second half of July and all of August are peak season.
  • The best time to visit Tokyo Disneyland is at the end of May: it’s quite calm in terms of crowds and the weather is good. Similar compromise between crowds and weather conditions is achievable in autumn months.
  • Holiday periods (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) are very busy. If there’s a Japanese holiday falling during this period, avoid visiting the park on this day as it will be overcrowded (for example, the Emperors Birthday on December 23).
  • Disneyland’s attendance depends a lot on the weather: during rain there are half as many visitors. Consider that most outdoor rides are closed if it rains and parades and shows cancelled. At the same time there will be no crowds and once the rain stops – everything will start working properly again.

Opening hours

Opening hours are every day from 10am-6pm. However, there are Starlight Evenings, usually on weekends when the park stays open until around 10pm. You can use your unlimited pass or buy a Starlight Passport which will get you into the park from 5pm until closing. Closing time varies for Starlight Evenings, depending on the season and the weather.

Times and Prices
Open Daily: Times vary
Tokyo Disneyland: One day pass: 5, 800 yen
Tokyo DisneySea: One day pass: 5, 800 yen

Urayasu, Chiba, Japan
(15 mins by train from Tokyo station)

How to Get There
Tokyo Station JR Keiyo Line (about 15 minutes) get off at JR Maihama Station (South Exit)

Themed lands in TokyoDisneyland to Visit

World Bazaar

World Bazaar, located at the main entrance to the park, is a covered shopping arcade lined by shops and restaurants. The area is designed like an early 20th century American town and serves as the park’s main shopping area where many guests stop on their way out of the park.


Tomorrowland explores the themes of outer space and future technologies. It is home to popular attractions such as Space Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters.


Toontown is a suburban toon neighborhood where the Disney characters live, work and play. Aimed at a younger audience, Toontown lets visitors meet Mickey at his house, play on Donald Duck’s boat, check out Chip’n Dale’s Treehouse and ride a kid sized rollercoaster.


Fantasyland is based on the classic animated films by Disney and is home to the iconic Cinderella’s Castle at the center of the park, as well as other characters and rides such as Peter Pan, Snow White, It’s A Small World and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, an original Fantasyland attraction unique to Tokyo Disneyland.

Critter Country

Critter Country is home to Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear and the other characters from the Disney film “Song of the South”. Here you can find the popular Splash Mountain log ride, as well as guided canoe tours on the Rivers of America.


Westernland is themed after the US western frontier along the Rivers of America. The area is home to the popular rollercoaster Big Thunder Mountain, while Tom Sawyer Island is located out in the middle of the river.


Adventureland includes attractions that encompass the spirit of adventure. Here you can join a jungle cruise, explore the Swiss Family Treehouse, ride the Western River Railroad and sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy – Jan 13 to march 20, 2015

This new special event at Tokyo Disneyland is themed to Anna and Elsa’s world after the events shown in the Disney film Frozen. Anna and Elsa, having reconciled and renewed their ties, welcome Guests to a beautiful world of snow and ice created by Elsa’s magical power. The Park will be decorated with snow and ice crystal motifs inspired by the film. Guests will find opportunities to experience the world of Frozen at Tokyo Disneyland.

Tips upon arrival

1. Arrive early. That’s really a must! This Disneyland is different from the ones in the US or France: you won’t profit from an hour or two of quiet time in the park and not-yet-busy attractions at the opening. On the contrary, you’ll see big crowds waiting for the turnstiles to open already an hour before the opening time! Get in line and follow the running crowd when the gates are open: your goal will be to grab Fastpass for Monster’s Inc. if you’re in Disneyland or Toy Story Midway Mania if you’re in DisneySea.

2. Take lunch before 11 am or after 1 pm. With the crowds it may be quite difficult to find a place in the restaurant. As a bonus, the waiting times for most attractions get lower at this time, as most visitors are occupied eating.

3. Use rides during Parade and shows: attractions along the parade route will have shorter waiting times, especially The Haunted Mansion. If it’s not your first time in Tokyo Disneyland or you’re staying for a couple of days – rush to rides!

4. Don’t leave shopping for the end of the day. Everybody rushes to buy presents and souvenirs in the late afternoon, we recommend doing it at another time.

5. Use Fastpass everywhere you can. It’s free and it cuts your wait for the main attractions. You’ll need your park ticket for every fastpass you get. Remember you can grab a new one either when the designated period of the previous one starts or two hours after the previous one has been released (whatever is the earliest).

6. Tokyo Disneyland is all about strategy. You should consider at once your priority list of attractions and the waiting times for the rides at the moment, trying to make the use of Fastpass the most valuable possible.

7. Use single rider lines wherever possible: Splash Mountain in Disneyland; Raging Spirits, Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror in DisneySea.

8. If it’s important to you to have a good view of the show – remember that the Japanese start bringing their mats to reserve their place an hour before the show and even earlier!

9. Stay until the end of the day: the queues for the rides are usually shorter after 7 pm.

10. Don’t get upset with crowds. The attendance of Tokyo Disneyland is extremely high, with sometimes about 70.000 visitors at once! You won’t be able to avoid crowds completely, but the Japanese are very well organized and behave extremely well in queues, while the waiting area of some rides is extremely interesting to explore. Stay positive and have a great day at Tokyo Disneyland!

Hotels near tokyo disneyland

Hotel MiraCosta

This impressing five-star Disneyland hotel is built right into the park. In fact, you might even miss the entrance – it has been blended in so well with ‘Mediterranean harbor’. The luxurious lobby, hand painted ceilings and gold taps make for a classic, up-scale experience.

Hilton Tokyo Bay

There is a Starbucks downstairs in the lobby that was very convenient as well as a convenience store. The hotel also has a kiosk by the bell desk that sells park passes. In addition to the single day and multi-day passes, there are also tickets for an after 3pm or after 6pm entrance for Disneyland if it made sense to you.
Our room rate included one complimentary meal each day–either breakfast or lunch for the next two days of our stay.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Since it opened in the early 1980s, Tokyo Disney has been the most successful of the multinational’s resorts. And once the company’s original customers had grown up, it realised it had there was a brand new market out there – for adults. One of the results was the Disney Hotel.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel

The Art Deco-design hotel is located right next door to the fancy Ikspiari shopping center, at the entrance to the Disney resort. Disney characters decorate the hotel on mini kid sofas, cups and sheets. Cartoons are on display at the check in area, so you can take your time and ask all the questions you need to while the kids are kept busy. Amenities in the rooms include little souvenirs with Disney characters.

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